About Us

Our Company is an independent service offerer in the Dominican Republic, with emphasis on advising.

We are specialised on bargains and excellent deals. Wether you are looking for example a house around 100,000 USD

or an investment of 1 Million USD, we will get you the best deal on the market at this time!

We will insure your purchase or investment with our lawyer!

We built homes of western standarts starting at 450 USD / m² or 41,80 USD / sq. feet

Owner / Broker

Christian Vogt
Licenced German Real Estate Broker ( § 34 c )


He has worked in real estate business in Germany for 20 years. He is living since 15 years in Sosua and loves the Dominican Republic.

Real Estate Office in Sosua since 2004

Direct contact: christian@dominican-estate.com

Skype: dominican-estate