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Property or Facility Management

We are doing all kind of property and / or facility management. We have different services packages at different prices. Please feel free to ask fort he cost of your needs.


We use to work with 3 construction companies in Sosua / Cabarete. We are doing constructions on the Northcoast of the Dominican Republic – Puerto Plata to Rio San Juan – mostly in Sosua, Cabarete Area.

On average, the cost for high-end construction goes from 450 USD / m² or 41,80 USD / sq. feet to 1,000 US $ per square meter or 93 US $ per square foot. The construction time depends of the project: a villa of 230 m² / 2,476 sq. feet will be ready in 4 – 6 months.
We also are doing construction of features like: wall, fence, swimming pools, carport, garage, guesthouse, service house, or changes / renovations / upgrades of existing homes, apartments, projects.

We have about 30 construction proposals on our catalogue (constructions), save money to built a house from an existing plan. We are doing also “full service” constructions: homes with pool, landscaped garden, carport, kitchen, furniture, fenced or walled lot, ready to move in!


Our architect is doing architect plans for a simple house, affordable villa, beachfront / oceanfront luxury villa, oceanview condo complex, shopping mall, investment projects, as even changes in design of existing homes, interior design, assistence in buying furniture or construction materials as tiles, fixings, any material you will need for construction of your home or project, assistence in planing of houses, projects, calculation of costs, partly changes of your home as for example: adding a swimmig pool, landscaping a garden, constructing of a carport etc. getting all the permissions to construct a house, villa, apartment or condo complex, residencial project, investment project, from the different offices.


The best GPS System worldwide – working to 1 cm! precision exact – get your “deslinde” = the legal documentation of surveying in the title in 3 – 6 months! “deslinde” costs: up to 5000 m² = 1 US $ / m² (0,092 US $ / sq. feet) 4,047 US $ / acre over 5,000 m² / 53, 820 sq. feet / 1,25 acre = special price. Since 1. April 2007 the “deslinde” = the legal documentation of surveying in the title is requiered by law!


We need about 1 week to tell you if you get a financing or not, that’s for free without any costs. Only in case we decide to finance the home or investment of you choice, you have to pay 1.000 US $ for the closing cost of our financing contract. Then about 3 week later on the financing will be ready.The interest rate is 8,5 % / per year fixed! The maximum financial time are 20 years. The minimun loan is 20.000 US $. Anytime you can doing the payback before the financing contract time is finished without an extra charge or loss!


We and at least our lawyer can answer all your questions, any assistence in legal things, lawyer translation service – get your title in about 2 months! legal costs – contract = 1 % of the purchase price – all costs of purchase = about 7 % of purchase price. financing – assistence in financial things – mortgage - local financing rate 9 % of US $ / year - finding owner financing homes, apartments, condos etc..