Relocation Package

The relocation package that a Houses company offers, when moving to a foreign country, is one of the main reasons for choosing that company to assist you and your family. This is not like moving to another part of your country, where everyone speaks the same language and lives in the same culture. A well-structured relocation package is essential!

Our Relocation Package is complete, from residency to drivers licence - all you need!

we offer:

  • Help with Structure of Existance
  • Consulate Registration
  • Acquisition of Residencia
  • Acquisition of the dominican Driver's License
  • Consultation and assistance with importing Containers
  • Consultation in matters of insurance, choice of chooling, doctors
  • Recommendation of language teachers / translators
  • Recommendation of Craftsmen and Contractors
  • Housing Management
  • Rental of Real Estate
  • Founding of a Business
  • Translation Service

We are also after the business transaction at your disposal!

Dominican Republic houses for sale & construction on the north coast of the Dominican Republic

WITH OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE in Houses and related financial services, Dominican-Estate deal with all aspects of property sales and services along the Dominican Republic's beautiful North Coast. Our aim is to help our customers turn their Caribbean dreams into a reality. We take great care to match the right people, with the right home, in the right location. From our office in Sosúa, we can help you right the way through the buying and selling process. We can give you advice and practical assistance every step of the way, from recommending the services of local lawyers to escorting you to the best shops to furnish and equip your new home.

THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC is probably one of the best House markets in all the Caribbean Islands at this present time. Prices are dramatically cheaper than on most other islands and as investors are finding, they are rising quickly. The Dominican Republic not only offers great weather, beautiful beaches, tropical scenery and friendly people, but also as the tourism increases an idyllic place to invest or retire to.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HOUSES offer you all types of properties in all price ranges. From a Studio Apartment up to a Luxury Beach Front Penthouse. Simple Houses / Homes, affordable Villas, luxury Villas as Ocean Front mansions, even as golf estates, or other residential gated properties. We can offer you small Plots, building Lots, BeachFront properties, Farms, Fincas and Ranches, as investment development projects for example whole beaches. We offer you Comercial Properties, as (Beach) Bars, Restaurants, small Businesses, Condominiums, Apartment Houses, Resorts, Hotels, Casinos etc. If you want to construct your own house, you can build with us. We can offer you different construction proposals, or designed Houses and Villas by our german Architect. We have Caribbean Houses Properties on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, mostly in the Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata Area. Also we work with other Houses Companies to expose the buyer to the broadest posible choice of properties. We are offering all kind of Properties / Houses in the Dominican Republic: Houses / Homes, Oceanview Villas, Apartments, Beachfront Condos, Lots, Fincas / Ranches; also we are offering to built all types of Constructions. We are wotking with different Architects & Civil Engineers to ensure your investment:

Architect - Cordero & Asociados
Architect - Garibaldi Salazar
Architect - Manuel Ferreiras
Architect - Eris Manuel Espinal
Civil Engineer - Jose Hache
Civil Engineer Bureau - Inversiones Belvedere, SA
Civil Engineer - Carlos Diaz

WE ARE A DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HOUSES AGENCY, holding over 1,500 properties in our listings in the Sosúa office. Whatever type of property you looking for, with our assistence you´ll find your caribbean home or land or invest. Last at least if you don´t find your caribbean dream property with us, we will contact different other dominican republic Houses agencies to look after properties which are not listed with us. To purchase a property in the dominican republic is easy. You don´t need residency, the only document you´ll need is a valid passport. If you work with us, we ensure that you get a clear title. The closing costs are aprox. 5 % of the purchase price. In the dominican republic there a no annual taxes to pay on properties. You get a title on your name and the carribean property is 100 % yours.

OUR CREATIVE GERMAN ARCHITECT and interior designer can help you to design and built your home or project according the Dominican regulations. He will also answer your questions regarding construction and renovations. The construction we built will fullfil the quality level of “made in germany”

INVESTMENT the higher your investment, the more important that to work with pro´s. We insure your investment, we have an excellent team of specialists (lawyer, surveyer, designer, architect, constructor, contractors financing agents) lets say: simply the best! we are realizing own projects (Condo Project - listing ID 1200, our Finca Project - listing ID 867), we can answer your questions about your investment. We get you your different permissions you need for your project.

SHOULD YOU CHOOSE A LIFE UNDER PALM TREES, then you will find here on the NorthCoast of the Dominican Republic a style of living, that combines the advantages of a "Third World Country" with the infrastructure of an industrialized nation. Along with the low prices and smaller taxes of a "Third World Country" you will find excellent shopping possibilities, good schools and pre-schools, good local and/or foreign medical staff, all sorts of sports and entertainment posibilities, a large selection of TV stations in various languages (English, German, French, Italian etc) and a community of peers to make your stay an enjoyable. And the prices for Houses are still at the level where Florida and Spain where 15 years ago. The purchase of property is easy, you don´t need a residency for, even to get the your residency later is easy.

RIGHT NOW, PROPERTY IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC IS VERY AFFORDABLE. The housing market is only now beginning to see a rise in prices and those increases have been very moderate. As the expected rise in tourism begins, the Dominican Republic property market will definitely see the prices go up. With investors beginning to uncover the latent potential of this tropical island, the Dominican Republic Houses market is sure to benefit. Before long this beautiful but by-passed island will have major resort developments, luxury villas and commercial properties dotting its shoreline and inexpensive holiday home purchases will be a thing of the past.

IF YOU WANT TO CONSTRUCT YOUR OWN HOUSE you can build with us. We can offer you different construction proposals. We have Caribbean Houses Properties on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, mostly in the Sosua, Cabarete, Puerto Plata Area. Also we work with other Houses Companies to expose the buyer to the broadest posible choice of properties.


WE ARE SPECIALIST FOR INVESTMENT in the dominican republic. We work with excellent lawyers and surveyers to inshure your investment. The conditions for investment in the dominican republic are good. From a stable democracy and a economic, but most intersting are the low taxes you pay here. The best performace at the moment is in the punta cana area, but a high potential is still in areas close to internatinal airports were the prices are still affordable. So if you looking to complete a vary your portfolio, please contact us. We are also in charge to get your special licences like for example casino license, we have ready planned projects for investors like marinas.

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